When I first launched my shop ArtOxide, I’d been searching for new mediums and playful imagery that spoke to people everywhere in a bold way. Never in my wildest did I foresee this, only seemingly, controversial concept about to come to light. Making Waves, a play off my under water octopus hero, is a platform for respectful activists who have something to say, or simply support Octopi All Streets.




Ever since what many know as the Occupy Movement began, it has been a source for praise, scrutiny, media and an abundance of public involvement. Whether you cared to see it or not, everyone was either participating in or talking about it, and the energy was electric.


Jokester that I am, the play on words [Occupy vs. Octopi (the plural for octopus)] seemed to manifest into quite the colorful dreams. The idea of protesters floating about with eight arms and scaling tall buildings in a single bound like the heroes and villains of many a comic book isn’t something I could easily erase. One day, I woke up and thought, occupy movement aside, everyone should be commended when actively stand up for their rights, especially when it comes to something as universal as equality. It was the glory of that everyday civilian, defying the odds and channeling their inner voice, in an effort to be heard — or in this case, channeling their inner octopus and sprouting tentacles.


See, the concept wasn’t about picking a side or honing in on one single issue. Instead, this design is an homage to action; being involved in whatever you stand for, no matter the issue, and not sitting idly by when you want to see change. This design is for 100% of the population: urging humanoids young and old, to be passionate, and stand up respectfully alongside their convictions, whatever they may be.


“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Gandhi



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